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February  PDF

The Dental Dow—4th Quarter • The ADA is Suing Delta Dental • Practice Transitions and Your Peace of Mind • Heads Up! More Adjustments for Delta Providers • Changes in Medicare as of January 1, 2020 • Help Your Team Help You

November PDF

The Dental Dow—3rd Quarter • Marketplace Trends • Red Cross Certified CPR Classes • Statistical Snapshot • Are You Leaving Money on the Table When it Comes to Insurance? • Associate Expectations at Buy-in

August PDF

The Dental Dow—2nd Quarter • The Top 3 Things That Cause a Practice to Run Behind • Collections Made Comfortable Seminar is on Friday, November 1st! • Transitions: Picking Your
Banker • Your Systems Self Assessment

June PDF

A Surprisingly Slow Start to the Year—The Dental Dow • How Long Will it Take to Sell Your Practice? • Don’t Over Do the Digital! • Do Patients Like you for More Than Your Network Participation? • Management Works—Make it Work for You • Collections Seminar is Friday, November 1

April PDF

How Does Your Overhead Compare? • Don’t Hire Someone You Can’t Fire! • Please Tell Your Friends • Collections Seminar is Friday, November 1 • 4 Tips to Get More Patients From Your Website • Focus Your Message

January PDF

2018 Dental Dow • The Payoff is Not Just the Price! • The Top 10 Dentists’ Fantasies • Your Office Manager at Large • Make A Good Impression Even When You’re Not There • Does Direct Mail Work?

November PDF

Dental Dow—Third Quarter • How Far Do You Go to Estimate Patients’ Insurance Benefits? • Survey Highlights

July PDF

The Dental Dow • Keep a Good Team Together • Good Information Flow—Paper still works! • Four Ways to Add to Your Practice Value: • What to Do • What Not to Do • Collections Made Comfortable Seminar is Friday, Nov. 2

April PDF

APM Practice Transitions • We’d Be Crazy Not to Take Our Own Advice • Time Clock Rules • GP Dentist Earnings Facing Headwind • 20 Yards and How Many Dollars Lost? • “Collections Made Comfortable” Seminar Early Bird Registration

February PDF

Dental Dow: Fourth Quarter 2017 • Incentives • Renewing Your Lease • Timing Your Practice Transition? Look to Your Lease! • Delta Wisconsin Acts Up (Then Settles Down) • “Collections Made Comfortable” Seminar is Friday, Nov. 2 • What’s The Plan, Stan? Do you have written goals for 2018?

November PDF

Dental Dow: Third Quarter 2017 • Practice Profitability: Right Sizing Your Staff • We Love Digital Communications But… • 2017 Survey Results • A Second Look at Delta 216 • Fabulous Study Club Meetings! • What’s the Difference Between an Office Manager and an Administrator?

June PDF   Dental Dow Jones – 1st Quarter 2015  •   Collections Made Comfortable Seminar   •   Dealing With Patient Complaints – An Opportunity In Disguise •   Digital Communications: What Is It And What Good Is It?

April PDF   2014 Dental Dow Wrap-Up  •  Collections Seminar  •  Beware Ransom  •  How Does Your Production/Hour Compare?  •  New Patients And The Web

October Dental Dow 3rd Quarter • Upper Midwest Dental Economy • Dental Fees: 10 Years Ago & Today • Kill Them With Kindness • Protect Your Web Presence

July Dental Dow 2014 • Collections Seminar • PPO Plays • Clinical Calibration Webinar • Corporate Dentistry

May Dental Dow 1st Quarter • Client Appreciation Seminar, September 26 • Impact Of Missed Calls

February The Dental Dow 2013 • Drs. Joe & Mark Are Coming to Town! • Excellence in Dentistry: Us Godfathers • Front Desk Systems Check Through • Is S.E.O. Worth It?

November Our Dental Dow Jones • New Patients/Marketing • Advertising and the Holidays •
A Buyer’s Perspective

July The Dental Dow – Second Quarter • Your Own Insurance Alternatives • Why Online Reviews Matter • Add $1,000s To Your Bottom Line-Coding • Collections Seminar Is November 1st

April The Dental Dow – First Quarter • Your Own Insurance Alternatives • After Hours Visit Code 9440 • SEO or Paid Advertising?

January Dental Dow Wrap-up • Compare Your Income • Slow or No-Payers • Staging Your Practice for Sale • Can Patients On The Move Find You? • The New Fluoride Codes

October The Dental Dow • Highlights from our 2012 surveys • Getting New Patients from the Internet • Rossi’s Dentaltown CE Released

August The Dental Dow • Patients’ Online Complaints • Your Trusted Treatment Plan • Fear And Confusion About Fees And Insurance

May Dental Dow Jones: Good News! • The Future Of Dentistry: Guess! • No Whining! • New Patients From The Internet III

February Area Dental Economy • More New Patients? • Practice Values Strong • Hygiene Department In A Slump?

December Area Dental Economy • Make hay while the snow flies • Non-covered services • The Smile Center and Delta

October Dental Dow • Getting New Patients on the Internet – Pt II • Collections Made Comfortable Seminar

July Getting New Patients on the Internet – Pt I • Demand Force Reviews Bumped • Collections Made Comfortable

May & June Dental Dow • Trends • Howard is coming! • Scheduling Institutes’s Mystery Shopper

March 2010 Wrap-Up • Upcoming Team Seminars • Front Desk Collections • $25 Million in Perspective

January Howard is coming! • Growth of multi-location group practices • New overhead statistics

December Leadership, staff raises • Result control • Goal planning outline

November Is Flat the new Up? • Practice values rising • Million $ staff

August Delta rapped • Collections seminar • Plugged in with APM

May You? Usary? • Midwest Dental • 2.8 mil Delta suit

February Dental Dow • Management by fear • Moves save $

September Delta Audits Defenses • Your Income Comparison

August Don’t Do What I Did! • Light Schedules? • $1000+/Week

May $ Walks Out Your Door • Expanded Expectations • e-Claims

April Write-Offs, Overhead, Trends • Retreating Office Manager

January Goals For The New Year • Budgeting • Performance Reviews

November Scary Fall? • 12th Practices/Procedures Survey

August Hygiene Productivity • Termination Cost

June Advertising • Your Website

March Number Of New Patients Amazingly Constant

November Delta PPO write-offs increasing

July Collecting money • Moving patients toward treatment

May You? Usary? • Midwest Dental • 2.8 mil Delta suit

February Dental Dow • Management by fear • Moves save $

November PPO Participation • Production Per Patient

July Seasonality In Dentistry • Extended Hours

May Hygiene Downtime • Your Practice Image

March Production Maniacs & Morons

November Your Calendar

May Certified Assistants • Flex Plans

February 3M using Delta • Join the AGD

November 3M Insurance • Your Lease • Fee Strategies

August September – Check For Leaks! • Food Labels • Yellow Pages

June Predetermining Causes Treatment Delays